Walmart is taking advantage of the local deals fad by launching its own Groupon-clone. However, Walmart's service has a few distinguishing traits that set it apart from the throngs of other daily deals services.

Announced in a press release to the AP, Walmart's localized deals aggregator is now live--but only on Facebook. Unlike its competition, My Local Walmart does not have a standalone Web site; the service is built entirely into the social network. This strategy taps into Walmart's almost 9.5 million Facebook fans and eliminates the hassle of bookmarking a new site, joining an email list, or downloading an app.

Walmart's Facebook page walks new users through the process of finding your nearest Walmart retail location out of its more than 3,500 stores, "liking" it, and then receiving messages on deals, events, and new store items. A Walmart rep also tells the AP that, in the future, the company will build a recommendation engine into My Local Walmart based on products each fan "likes."

With so many Groupons and Groupon clones out there--including LivingSocial, Woot, Google Offers, Amazon's variety of deals sites and apps, and Bing's recently-announced deals page -- it's amazing that consumers aren't completely sick of them. And we're really not: a recent Cornell study discovered that enthusiasm in group-based daily deals hasn't waned.

So if you're also not fed up with the mania of Black Friday, signing up for My Local Walmart might be a good way to shave a couple dollars off this year's holiday shopping budget.