Vodafone and MySpace have joined forces to create an interactive community that will allow members to "share music experiences" and even compete for the chance to become an online MTV reporter.

Vodafone Music Reporter is a MySpace community for UK, Italian, Spanish and German residents, to which users can upload pictures and videos of any Vodafone Music Unlimited event they attend. They can also read blogs and upload a video review of a recent gig in a bit to enter the MTV competition, which will be judged on votes from members of the community.

"Vodafone Music Reporter reaches music fans in a way that reflects the latest trends in how music is experienced in the social networking space," said David Wheldon, global brand director at Vodafone.

Nick Reid, head of UK sales at MySpace, added: "Vodafone is tapping into the creative audience on MySpace to really bring its proposition to life and provide a platform for users to showcase their talent within a multi-territory community".

The UK community is listed under the profile name vodafonemusicreporter_uk.

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