Vodafone UK is to simplify its mobile internet offerings and enhance rendering of web pages on the devices.

Vodafone launched its latest service, Vodafone Mobile Internet, yesterday. VMI will improve the way its customers access the internet on their mobiles. Vodafone has formed partnerships with major companies such as Google, MSN, eBay, MySpace to ensure customers have easy access to their favourite brands via their mobile phones.

Adapted for the small screen, Vodafone Mobile Internet enhances the way subscribers view any regular web page. Vodafone Mobile Internet will be the first time that all major web email accounts are brought together in mass market personal push emails service.

The Vodafone mobile phone online portal's design now features quick access to account details and a Favourites area for frequently visited sites.

Most customers will not be required to upgrade their mobiles to benefit from the service. Due to new compression technology on the Vodafone network, the size of web pages downloads designed for the computer will be reduced in size by up to 10 times to become mobile-friendly content and easily viewed on the small screen.

Contract customers can use their phone online for £7.50 a month and additionally offers the service to pre-pay customers as long as they have a 3G or GPRS-enabled device.