So, the Vodafone 3G card I ordered here arrived this week. Well, I say arrived. What I of course mean is they tried to deliver it and I wasn't in - BECAUSE I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB.

Now, I have three options:

1) Go and collect it from the depot, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Not really an option since it's only open until
6:30pm and I still have one of those full-time job things.

2) Arrange Standard Redelivery, anytime between 8:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Let me just check my employment status... nope, that's not going to work.

3) Arrange Premium Redelivery, which offers Saturday morning delivery for a cost of between £5 and £10 (plus VAT), payable to Parceline.

I decide I'll just pay the fee as there's no other way I can conveniently get it - the card was free anyway.

Phone Parceline, tap in random numbers, listen to music, eventually speak to human. Ask for Premium Delivery, am told "Vodafone won't allow them to do that". WHAT? Vodafone won't allow you to accept money (which I still slightly begrudge paying) from me so I can get hold of my package? Yes sir, that's correct. You'll have to speak to Vodafone.

Phone Vodafone (random numbers, music, human eventually - I'm getting good at this bit). Explain situation, they confirm that is indeed correct. I ask why. I am, apparently, the first person to ask this, cue more hold music.

Am told, Vodafone's contract with Parceline covers only standard delivery, since it would be too expensive to offer weekend deliveries.

I explain I'm willing to (begrudgingly) pay for the Premium Redelivery, but it's still no go.

I explain that I'm a new customer, I haven't even got my phone yet, and it's not the best start to our relationship. More hold music ensues.

Eventually, Ian (who's name I learn at this point) returns and says he's spoken to his team leader and he's willing to allow a Saturday delivery in this case. I thank him for his assistance, give him all my details and Ian says he'll phone me back when it's sorted.

About 20 minutes later, Ian is true to his word - the phone will be with me tomorrow and they'll waive the Saturday delivery fee.

One extremely pissed off customer, happy again.

Let's see what turns up in the post tomorrow...