Virgin Media is reducing the download speeds of its heaviest users.

Despite advertising 'no download limits', the ISP will throttle the connections of users who exceed its download limits between 10am and 3pm, following a change to its traffic management policy. Users of Virgin Media's 'M' package have a limit of 900MB while 'L' and 'XL' customers can use up to 2,400MB and 6,000MB respectively.

The changes have been blamed on a small percentage of customers that Virgin Media claims are using up "more than their fair share of network resources which affects the service other customers receive".

"We are writing to some of our customers to let them know about changes to our traffic management policy," Virgin Media said. "As part of this educational exercise we are letting customers know what the changes mean to them, and why they may see their speeds reduced for short periods at certain times of the day."

The announcement follows a recent YouGov survey that highlighted that eight out of 10 broadband users have no idea how much of their download allowance they use each month, and one in four are unaware of any download limits of their contracts.

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