Hundreds of filmmakers have used the internet as a plot device in their movie masterpieces. However, it doesn't always work out well. Here's the five worst net-related films of all time.

Computers and technology have always been a huge subject when it comes to films, but what about the world wide web?

Filmmakers may be slow to catch on, but some directors have seen the power the net has and made it crucial to the main plot. And while many of these movies are good (for proof check out our five must-see internet movies feature) a huge number are complete turkeys. We've trawled them all to bring you a round-up of the five worst net movies of all time.

The Net (1995)

The absolute worst film ever about the internet is the one whose brain trust couldn't come up with a better title than The Net. This 1995 production was meticulously designed to prey on fears of government surveillance and identity theft that the internet, then new to the masses, was certain to foster.

Those fears come true for poor Sandra Bullock, playing a hottie developer who ends up with a sort of skeleton-key program that gives the bearer access to all manner of secure government computers.

Naturally the bad guys want it, so they switch around her identity, transforming her into a fugitive prostitute.

The absurdities pile up like 17-year locusts, but footage of a bikini-clad Bullock triumphing against all odds helped the pic generate more than $100m at the box office.

A 1998 TV series of the same name failed to capture the imagination of the couch potato nation and was canceled after one season.

Swimfan (2002)

Not a movie about Michael Phelps, this 2002 nightmare finds high-school aquaman Ben (Jesse Bradford) being stalked online by a gorgeous blonde named Madison (Erika Christensen).

Her pursuit entails sending Ben naked pictures of herself via email and seducing him in the (bricks-and-mortar) pool. But gentleman Ben is conflicted due to a lingering fondness for his cold fish of a girlfriend (Shiri Appleby)... and the fact that Madison seems to keep killing people.

This too-young-to-vote Fatal Attaction angle has been done before, but never so poorly as in Swimfan - and never with such an atrocious title, which is drawn from Madison's not-so-catchy internet handle: Swimfan85.

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