Hackers around the world hack NASA data for good

“Think we’d do better than the other ones…”

Introductions out-of the way and pitches yet to come, hackers donated their time in San Francisco for causes they care about.

“It would bring technology to people that can’t see…”

Hackers listened to pitches, then chose to work on projects in either the software, open hardware, citizen science or data visualization areas.

 “This is part of President Obama’s initiative,” CEO

The content—and collaboration is all organized under NASA’s OpenGov project.

San Francisco hackers chose from projects ranging from bringing electricity or agriculture to rural areas of the world, building Rovers or working on software that would give blind children a way to ‘see’ mathematical equations.

As the project’s coordinator tells it, this kind of mass innovation, all over the world, would take a government agency years  and potentially waste tax dollars.

“Why wait years when you can find out…”

So NASA liberated some of its data and shared it for public consumption instead. San Francisco was one of many worldwide sites—from Dublin, Tel Aviv and Tokyo-- to host an event for the International Space Apps challenge.

You can see results of each city’s hackathon at spaceappschallenge.org.