Besides revolutionising communication for the masses, the internet has inspired the imaginations of filmmakers worldwide - with wildly divergent results. Here's one film buff's list of the five best net-related films.

Computers and technology have always been a huge subject when it comes to films, but what about the world wide web? Filmmakers may be slow to catch on, but some directors have seen the power the net has and made it crucial to the main plot.

However, this doesn't always make for a good movie - check out our feature the five worst internet movies of all time - to see just what we mean.

So here's our round-up of the five must-have internet movies.

The Matrix (1999)

Is The Matrix really about the internet? It's epic sci-fi, to be sure, but it's also a broad allegory for where technology could take us. The role of the internet in The Matrix is basically insidious: it has evolved into a global simulation of life solely to amuse and distract unconscious humans who are being used to power the grid.

Some worry that this dystopian vision isn't just a fantasy - that we're genuinely headed this direction. The film reportedly helped inspire Second Life impresario Philip Rosedale to create his popular virtual world. Ultimately, The Matrix isn't about the internet. It is the internet. Whoa.

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)

Writer-director Miranda July's brilliant, deadpan comedy proved that as recently as three years ago, a creative author could come up with a fresh and original way to use the internet as a plot device.

The net plays a crucial supporting role in the film - a subplot in which two characters who know each other only through their interaction on the web decide to meet. The fact that neither is what the other expected is almost beside the point; the fun is in how they get to their fateful meeting.

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