The second paragraph of the Network World story, "Valentine's-related traffic spikes cause heartache for ill-prepared sites," which was posted to the newswire Monday, incorrectly described the preparations of Swarovski crystal company relative to Valentine's Day e-commerce traffic. The story has been corrected and that paragraph now reads:

One company that took measures to mitigate these risks is Swarovski, an Austria-based provider of crystals for jewelers and fashion designers. Because of the nature of its products, Swarovski stood to capitalize well on the spike in demand in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. In the past, the company's website was hamstrung by an average wait time of 10 seconds for processing orders online. Even worse, Swarovski senior technology consultant for IT application services René Neubacher says the IT support team struggled to increase performance simply because they could not identify the bottleneck.