It's Valentine's Day today, just in case you've forgotten (and it does happen, just ask some of staff at PCA Towers). However, it seems the day that is designed to shower your loved one with presents and affection has been hijacked by tech-related firms in a bid to promote their services through a tedious link that makes Comdey Dave look like an absolute genius. From broadband breakups and tech crushes to the reliable security safety story. Here's just a few of the dubious Valentine's Day-related stories we've encountered today.

Broadband breakups

Net connection comparison site,, was keen to tell us about Broadband break-ups, stating that three quarters of UK web users are unhappy with the speed of connection and 38 percent are troubled by the reliability of their connection.
"Despite the romantic mood washing over the country, recent research has revealed that many Brits are falling out of love with their broadband provider," the comparision site said. It couldn't help but trying to enforce the Valentine's Day theme with a few love-related clichés.

'They never call when they say they will' screamed the stat regarding the number of Brits unhappy with their ISP's customer service, while 'honesty is an issue' for those that have seen their relationship with their broadband provider blighted by hidden costs and charges.

Technology crushes

Social media Spiceworks took a different tack and was keen to tell us what technology small business have a crush on. Coupled with a very-pink 'info-graphic' the firm told us 71 percent of small business are in love with Ultrabooks while some IT pros are simply "flirting" with the idea of adopting tablets. Meanwhile 94 percent of IT Pros are 'married' to anti-virus software. It's certainly a can't live without product for PC owners, but I'm not sure we'd go so far as entering into holy matrimony with it, well maybe only if Brad Pitt wasn't on offer.

Hacker heaven

Finally security firm G Data was keen to remind web users that hackers will be exploiting Valentine's Day through a series of spam emails.
"Shortly before Valentine's Day cyber criminals are increasingly active and we see a surge in the amount of spam emails", states Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist at G Data. Although we couldn't help wonder if there are any occasions/holiday that hacker's don't exploit?

The security firm advised web users to be alert when dealing with spam emails and special offers on social networks. So if a hot Russian girl declares her undying love for you, unfortunately, it's probably not genuine and you'd be best off deleting it.