Controversial web promotions company has unveiled a new service that allows users of social networking site Facebook to buy 'friends'.

In July, uSocial announced it was offering Twitter users the chance to purchase followers on the micro-blogging site. Blocks of followers ranging in size from 1,000 to 10,000, could be purchased with prices starting at $87 (£53).

uSocial said it scours Twitter and identifies the subjects users are interested in. The company then sends members a message telling them about potential accounts they might like to follow.

According to uSocial CEO Leon Hill, Facebook is a good a marketing tool as Twitter, which is why businesses might consider buying followers.

"Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool as anyone with a large number of targeted friends or fans can attest to. The only problem is that it can be extremely difficult to achieve such a following, which is where we come in," said Hill.

uSocial didn't reveal how much Facebook friends would cost.

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