Whatever your claimed web speed, it's always useful to know exactly what's going on with your internet connection, and it's even better if you can speed it up. Here are some helpful tools.

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Speeding ticket

Dan Elwell's Broadband Speed Test allows you to test your broadband connection, identify potential problems, monitor connection performance over time and generate a set of diagnostic reports that can be helpful when reporting connectivity problems to your ISP.

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Online racer

Full Speed Tests verify the performance and speed of your broadband connection on the internet. FST reports live onscreen details of your browsing and page-loading speed, maximum and minimum average download speeds, peak data rates, physical connection speed and download times. Phew!

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Put your foot down-loader

Free Download Manager is a download accelerator. This nifty piece of software helpfully splits the relevant files into several sections before downloading them simultaneously. Not only does it make full use of your maximum broadband connection; it's free.

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