The UK was responsible for 4.5 percent of all global spam produced during August this year, says MessageLabs.

According to the email security firm's August 2010 Intelligence Report, that's the double the amount the UK produced in April. Britain comes fourth is the list of countries that produce the most spam behind the US, Brazil and India.

Germany, France and Italy also saw similar increases in the amount of spam sent from their nations, meaning four of the top 10 spam producing countries are in Western Europe.

MessageLabs, which is a Symantec hosted service, also said the US is home to the largest number of spam botnets. Furthermore, there is a significant number of botnets worldwide that have yet to be classified but are responsible for producing 16.7 percent of global spam.

"We have seen impressive activity from the usual botnet suspects," said Paul Wood, intelligence senior analyst at MessageLabs.

"In many cases there are likely to be newer incarnations of existing botnets that have been updated and there are also likely to be some brand new botnets that are now beginning to emerge."

The research also revealed 92.2 percent of all email sent are spam, which is up by 3.3 percent on July this year, while one is every 328 emails contains a virus and one in every 363 emails is a phishing scam.

The research comes just days after MessageLabs revealed more than 40 percent of the world's spam is coming from the Rustock botnet.

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