Nearly three quarters of Brits are concerned about the harmful content kids are accessing online using their mobile phones, says Mott MacDonald Schema.

Research by the company revealed that 71 percent off UK adults think network operators should be responsible for monitoring and preventing kids accessing the content, with 58 percent claiming that barring sites according to the ages of the handset user would be a sensible solution to the problem.

Tom Allen, head of Mott MacDonald's information, communications and media division, said: "The internet was developed to share information, but we must be sensible about what younger generations can access. As the internet becomes more accessible due to new delivery platforms such as mobile phones and games consoles, it's increasingly important we find ways to protect our children from inappropriate content."

Mott MacDonald Schema also said that 46 percent of users thought issuing handset users of a certain age with a pin code to access content was another possible solution.

"The mobile internet has made it much harder for parents to monitor what their children are viewing - they simply cannot be everywhere or looking over their children's shoulders all the time. As such, mobile operators have a moral obligation to provide safeguards that limit the access of children. Operators should consider self regulation and their social responsibility, as regulators may soon demand that operators implement methods to protect children."

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