The UK has been ranked sixth in a list of countries least likely to launch cyber attacks, according to SecureWorks.

The security vendor studied the number of attacks launched by PCs in each country over a six month period. On average the UK had 107 attacks per 1,000 PCs.

India came top with just 52 attempted attacks per 1,000 machines, while the US was named most likely to launch a cyber attack after SecureWorks revealed there had been 1,660 attempted attacks per 1,000 computers within the country.

"The statistics show that a substantial number of vulnerable computers in countries worldwide have been compromised and are being used as bots to launch cyber attacks," said Jon Ramsey from SecureWorks.

"The study shows that organisations and individuals are not only putting themselves at risk by not securing their PCs, but are actually providing cyber criminals with a platform to compromise other computers."

SecureWorks advised PC owners to keep anti-virus software, web browsers and applications properly up to date and patched, and also follow safe computer practices such as "only opening attachments and downloading programs that you trust".

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