The UK is just 24th in the world when it comes to countries offering the best-value consumer broadband, says Point Topic.

Research by the broadband statistics firm revealed that the UK is lagging far behind Japan, Germany and Sweden.

Hong Kong was named the country offering the best-value broadband, with residents paying on average just $0.28 (18p) per Mbps for their broadband connections. Peru was named the worst-value broadband at a cost of $209 (£134) per Mbps. Furthemore, Saudi Arabia had seen the biggest reduction in the price per Mbps of its broadband, dropping 93 percent in the last quarter.

"Consumers in different countries are faced with very different broadband tariffs, dependent on geography, market and network maturity, local competition and various levels and sources of subsidy," says Fiona Vanier, senior analyst at Point Topic.

"Nine of the ten best-value tariffs are either pure fibre or hybrid offerings where fibre is a significant part of the local loop. The exception is Germany, where Unity Media offer a cable service that is very competitive."

Vanier also said bandwidth will continue to increase as fibre edges closer to the consumer.

"Higher speeds generally mean better value for the consumer," she added. "All that remains is to work out how best to use it."

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