I got in just in time to stake my claim for a world record yesterday. Me and just 8,349,073 others downloaded Firefox 3.0 within 24 hours of its launch on Tuesday, in what could become a world record for software downloads. And UK Firefox fans played their part.

I'm talking, of course, about Mozilla's inventive marketing efforts to promote the third generation of its open-source browser. The company has been encouraging users to download Firefox 3.0 on launch day for several weeks, hoping millions of downloads will earn the developer a Guinness World Record. There is no current record for software downloads, so if the category is approved by Guinness, Mozilla is on to a winner.

Firefox 3.0 review

Over 1.5 million people had pledged to download Firefox 3.0 just before launch time, so the 8.3 million who actually did is an impressive achievement. By comparison, the previous version – Firefox 2.0 – was downloaded 1.6 million times on launch day.

And so to the stats.

Nearly 10.3 million have downloaded Firefox so far. The US leads the way with 3,235,869 downloads, while Germany follows with 830,537. The UK is home to Europe's second largest collection of Firefox hunters, with 359,636 people having downloaded it already.

Here's the worldwide top ten:

1. US: 3,235,869
2. Germany: 830,537
3. Japan: 501,099
4. UK: 359,636
5. Spain: 347,499
6. France: 337,750
7. Canada: 293,530
8. Italy: 283,694
9. Iran: 264,147
10. Poland: 237,106