Nearly two thirds of Brits are backing up their PCs, says Hitachi Data Systems.

A survey by the tech company revealed that of the 64 percent that claimed they backed up their data, 21 percent are using an online storage service to secure their documents. Photos are the most popular digital media to back up, with 39 of respondents claiming digital snaps take up the majority of their backed-up files.

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Hitachi also highlighted that 51 percent of the respondents said they keep their digital files on five different storage devices such as memory cards, USB sticks and even the device they were created on eg digital cameras. Meanwhile, 30 percent admitted they store their digital files across 20 or more different devices.

The survey also revealed that 64 percent of Brits believe ISPs are the companies they trust most to store their data online, while banks came second with 36 percent, despite a number of incidents were consumer's data has been lost.

"As the results from this survey suggest, business best practice, with regards to data storage, is filtering down into the consumer space, as consumers strive to make sure their growing digital databases and files can be easily accessed and more importantly are secure," said Alec Selvon-Bruce, global storage solutions consultant at Hitachi Data Systems.

"Providers need to ensure the storage platforms underpinning their services are robust enough to meet the increasingly tough expectations of consumers as well as handle exponential growth," he added.