Twitter has caused its first victim. No, not Google's lame real0time search, or even Facebook's social-networking crown. Now a user is claiming to have suffered a real "twinjury".

The Telegraph reports 23-year-old office worker James Coleman sustained grazes and a nasty black eye.

Coleman was 'tweeting' to his followers on his BlackBerry smartphone while jogging to work when he cracked his head on a heavy low-hanging tree branch.

The force of the impact "sent the dazed runner crashing to the pavement and left him with a badly bruised black eye".

To avoid further twinjuries Coleman has now vowed to keep his phone in his pocket while jogging the three miles from his home in Bristol to work.

"I guess you could say I feel a right Twit," he told the newspaper.

Twitter twinjury

"One minute I was running along posting a tweet, the next I was lying on my back on the pavement in agony. The branch came out of nowhere and hit my face hard.

"I could only see through one eye for a couple of days afterwards, but the swelling has started to go down now.

"I was a laughing stock at the office. I don't even use Twitter that much to be honest.

"But I certainly won't be tweeting while running anymore."

Mr Coleman even recorded the accident on Friday on the social networking site by posting "Running to work, very late. Smacked my face against a branch, hurts. Forgot how tall I am. Danger of twittering..."

Half an hour later it was followed by: "Got to work, changed and sat at desk. Low lying branch twittering is unadvised. Best get on with some work."

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