A new twelve-step programme has been launched to help people tackle excessive use of email.

Egan Email Solutions aims to help businesses recover lost time by helping email addicts save “hours on the day, and days on the month”.

The company’s site includes bi-weekly tips and email facts. It also features a checklist to assess whether you’re an email addict. Signs that you fall into this category include emailing yourself if you don’t receive an email for several minutes to check it's still working and hitting Send/Receive as a habit.

Ironically, the full programme works by sending a series of twelve emails to your inbox outlining the steps to follow to change your emailing life. Two e-books, called ‘Help! I’ve Fallen into my Inbox and Can’t Climb Out’ and ‘Reclaim Your Workspace Email Productivity’, are also available to buy from the site.

The Radicati Group estimates the number of emails sent in the first quarter of 2006 at 171 billion per day, which equates to nearly 2 million sent every second.