The story "Tussle erupts between competing digital post services in Australia," posted Thursday, misspelled the name of Pitney Bowes' "Volly" service in the last four paragraphs. The story has been fixed on the wire, and the corrected paragraphs follow:

Australia Post released few details when it announced its competing Australia Post Digital Mailbox, but said it had been investigating the technology for years. But on Wednesday, Australia Post announced that it will use Pitney Bowes' Volly digital delivery system.Similar to Zumbox, Volly is a web-based platform where vetted bulk mailers send communications to consumers who have opted in. Volly also incorporates a payment platform for pay bills. Australia is the first national post office to use Volly. Pitney Bowes is planning a consumer launch for Volly later this year in the U.S. The company said in December it had lodged agreements with 30 third-party mailers representing more than 4,000 companies and consumer brands. DPA launched its service in the U.S. last June and plans to launch later this year in Australia.Both Zumbox and Volly offer two main benefits: since the systems are closed, with vetted senders and receivers, there are no spam problems. Also, the applications consolidate communications from many mailers, and consumers just need a single login and password for one web-based service rather than many.