As a character in The General, a John Boorman film, said of Milton Keynes, I don't know if it is a poet or a place.

Except that I do, living no more than half an hours' drive away from it. The much-criticised home of concrete cows and countless roundabouts is the butt of many a joke, but now, I am happy to say, it has something of which it can be truly proud.

And I don't mean the football club it borrowed from Wimbledon. I am referring to the fact that Milton Keynes is to become the world's first WiMax covered town. Don't expect an announcement just yet but according to Reuters internet service provider Pipex and global microprocessor manufacturer Intel are involved in the project.

WiMax is similar in principle to Wi-Fi but it is works over a far greater range - theoretically up to 30 miles although this has never been practically demonstrated - and will provide mobile internet users with fast connection speeds.