Much as toddlers snub the expensive gifts they receive for Christmas and choose to play with the box instead, today's tech-literate youths are wasting the internet's fabulous wealth of knowledge on a silly game called The Wikipedia Fake Band Game.

Of course, by "today's tech-literate youths" we mean "technology journalists". And by "the internet's fabulous wealth of knowledge" we mean "time that should be spent preparing next month's issue of PC Advisor".

The game is very easy. You simply go to Wikipedia and hit the 'random article' button. That's the name of your fake band. Hit it again, and you have the name of your debut album. The next 11 random articles are the tracks. Thus:

Band: Zeta Reticuli

Album: Cristo Rey Network

  1. Thomas 'Clio' Rickman
  2. Android epistemology
  3. Benoît Roux
  4. Académie Colarossi
  5. British Columbia Highway 6
  6. The Best of Princess Superstar
  7. Dan Haseltine
  8. Brain to body mass ratio
  9. California Pizza Kitchen
  10. Diazo
  11. ASA Hall of Fame Stadium

Sounds suspiciously like a Mars Volta record, if you ask us.

Anyway, give it a try!