If you would like to buy a new Apple powerbook for £750, an upright piano for £86, a video iPod for £96 or a new Samsung mobile for £42 then simply do what I did and get yourself over to eBay. I am a self-confessed eBay addict and these are the latest in a long line of bargains that I have recently picked up. But something new has caught my eye.

If the lyrics "Where did you come from where did you go/Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe" get your toes a tappin', then this listing is for you.

It'd appear that Rednex - the band responsible for the aforementioned 'Cotton-Eye Joe' ditty - have put themselves up for sale. And the "Buy it now" price for this genius 90s party band? A mere $1,500,000.

What a bargain! But hurry, there's only 20 hours left...

Now try to get that awful song out of your head.