These are the blogs you won't see on the Techmeme Leaderboard, Technorati's Top 100 blogs, or the CruchBase BloggerBoard ... at least not yet. They include technology venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, coders, experts and observers, and they bring a delicious mix of insight, experience, and passion to their blogs. While they may not have the right amount of link love, they need to be on your radar screens.

The list was compiled by Richi Jennings, the award-winning author of IT Blogwatch, with additional contributions from Managing Editor Ian Lamont.

1. Redeye VC

A sideways look at startups and the venture capital scene. The author is Josh Kopelman, a technology VC who lives on the "wrong" coast. With particular emphasis on early stage companies, Josh covers the lighter side of dealing with startup CEOs and the public image of venture capital and entrepreneurship.


The UNfunded: "... Speaks volumes about the state of the relationship between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists ... [and] the level of mistrust and ignorance within the VC/entrepreneur ecosystem."

Some thoughts on pricing: "What surprised me was the multitude of different places - and different prices - a single hotel sold the same product for."

2. Online Media Cultist

Ingenious, insightful, and gosh-darned clever writing about online media of all descriptions. Covering traditional websites, blogs, social networking, and more, Eric Berlin pulls no punches. Part of the-other-Eric's 'sinister cabal' at


Why does ABC News hide The Note?: "ABC News is an enormous organisation and that conflicting interests and legacy ideas are conspiring to hide high quality content away from readers."

ReadBurner impressively creates community around Google Reader shared items: "... A site which I believe does things in exactly the right way... getting the conversation started as opposed to stealing it gets down the heart of the issue precisely."

3. deal architect

The economics of disruptive technologies are the focus here - with special emphasis on telcos, globalisation, and poking fun at IBM. Author Vinnie Mirchandani is ex-Gartner Group. Could it be that he quit because he discovered he was too clever for the company?


The boxes told me: "I want to tell [IBM] it is lost. Why? Because its clients are telling me so."

Dumb as a stump: "Reading about the brouhaha about Psystar last week, I had the same reaction. But that is the nature of industry disruptors."

4. Jetplane Journal

Apple fanboys are a dime a dozen, but Adrian Thomas is more even-handed. While he clearly loves his shiny toys from Cupertino, he'll happily take Jobs and company to task whenever needed. Oh, and watch out if you're a spammer masquerading as a legitimate business.


iPhone SDK: Developers rejected? Not so fast. . .: "The problem is partly Apple's own fault ... What kind of SDK doesn't allow you to actually run the apps on the target platform?"

F------ "... For those of you that don't know Tribe, it's basically your run-of-the-mill social network, except none of your friends are there."