The Queen managed to collect 87,000 fans on Facebook, just hours after a page dedicated to her was created on the social network.

The Monarchy launched its official Facebook page yesterday. Though you can't 'poke' the Queen or other members of her family, followers now can see photos of the royal family, get updates on their News Feeds and get information on royal events.

So far, the Monarchy has posted information and photos of the Queen's meeting with the Emir of Qatar, along with pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry. There are 29 photo albums available for viewing on the page.

However, a number of abussive comments were posted on the page and had to be removed after anti-royalists 'liked' the page, subsequently allowing them to enter discussions on the social network.

This isn't the royal family's first foray into social media. In 2007, it set up the Royal Channel on YouTube, later adding a Royal Flickr account and a Twitter account, as well.

The British Monarchy isn't alone; other world leaders are taking advantage of social media, too. Early in 2009, the Vatican launched its own YouTube channel to offer video and audio clips of Pope Benedict XVI's addresses, along with news about the pontiff. And the Catholic News Service, which is connected with the Vatican, also has its own Facebook page.

Not to be left out, the US Senate has its own YouTube channel.

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