After an internet-wide search, here are the 11 blogs that depressed - er, uh - impressed us the most with their lameness.

Blogging is more than an internet craze. Everyone from your aunty and the man at the end of your street to Britney and Paris Hilton has decided they're gonna share their feelings with the internet.

Let's face it though, while there are some brilliant musings in the blogosphere (see the web's 10 best blogs revealed). For every innovative and inspiring site, there are at least a dozen downright dreadful alternatives.

We decided to seek out the lamest blogs lurking around the internet. Big or small, notorious or obscure, we tried to leave no cringeworthy creation uncovered. And here are the fruits of our labours.

Lamest attempt at blog-based corporate marketing

And the winner is: The Jack Box Blog

The Jack Box Blog, a MySpace site supposedly run by that strange ping-pong-ball-headed mascot, has about the same amount of intellect as a Big Mac has nutritional value.

"Will one of you hopeless romantics out there please write a poem about my ultimate cheeseburger?" one posting asks. "Two weeks ago after a long long day at work, I came home and ate 4 tacos, 2 jumbo jacks, onion rings and a diet soda. My all time record," muses another.

Setting aside the lack of any redeeming value for a reader, the very idea of this part-human, part-beast character operating a blog is a bit disturbing. I mean, what IS that guy? His bio says he was "born on a cattle ranch" with a "love for burgers and pretty women." Could it be Richard Gere hiding behind that bulbous bogus noggin?



Lamest actual celebrity blog

And the winner is: Kim Kardashian

Nearly every sentence on the site ends with an exclamation point (or four). And nearly every entry is about how some aspect of Kim's life is, like, so totally awesome!!! Check it out!!

Exhibit A: "When I went out the other night for Brittny's birthday, I loved my outfit! It was all from H&M! One of my favourite stores!"

Like, for real? No way! We love that store too! LOL OMG!!!

Exhibit B: "Last night I was in Boston! I looove it there! ... My friend Carla and I went to a club called Gypsy! Underneath the club there was another club owned by the same people called The Liquor Store, which had a mechanical bull inside! ... It was seriously the funniest thing I have ever witnessed in my lifetime!!!"

She should sooo totally post a video of that!!! Par-tay!!

Okay, enough. If we write one more enthusiastic, overly punctuated sentence, we will seriously have to strike ourselves with our tape dispensers. And that, my friends, is why Kim gets the award - because she never runs out of energy to excitedly discuss, well, herself.


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