There's a shocking development on Facebook, and I'm not talking about my poorly Pirate score. A group called F**k Islam is causing pain and irritation to sentient adults of every religious persuasion... and beyond.

Actually, there've been several versions of the hateful idiot group - beware, the cretinous founders don't use stars to block out letters (and they're not asking people to 'Fork' Islam) - but F**k Islam keeps on rearing its stupid, scarred and ugly face, attracting scumbag members the world over.

Then petitions such as: if f**k Islam is not shut down we r quitting facebook (these people do star out swearwords, but don't check spellng) kick up a stink and the initial group gets the hook. Before the whole sorry process begins again.

If it wasn't so hideously racist and ignorant, it'd be wearyingly childish. Why on earth do people feel the need to defame an entire religion? What are they proving, bravely hiding behind the internet as they are? (And trust me, it's not just Islam - there are equivalent groups for almost every worship group you can name.)

This exposes one of the flaws of group online social-networking in this way. Clearly, F**k Islam is offensive, and not just to Muslims. But there has to be room for some dissent and debate. Not everyone thinks the same way, and Islam can be contentious, to say the least.

And naturally the group that lines itself up against the ignorant bigots is going to attract its own unfair share of anti-Christian/Hindu/Jedi nutjobs. I mean, I'd love to join an anti-anti-Islam group, but I don't actually want to practise Islam, so I won't be signing the anti-f**k Islam petition today.

The web isn't a great medium for moderate, tolerant people. And I can't be the only hand-wringing liberal who thinks so.

For instance, I wouldn't mind a St George's day bank holiday, and I'm proud of being English. But I'm not about to join a Facebook group demanding such a thing. Why? Well, I live in a very mixed area of east London, and there the St George cross is used as a very aggressive symbol of things of which I am 100 percent not proud.

Really, I need a Facebook group that defines only my own feelings on matters. Or, as I like to call it, my own profile.

It's also possible I need to get a life.