With the weekend nearly upon us, we take a look at the five tech stories that got our readers fired up to comment.

1. Tip: don't rely on your iPhone alarm on Sunday morning

The week didn't get off to a brilliant start for some of our readers, after the change from GMT to BST (British Summer Time) saw the iPhone clock bug, which doesn't activate alarms on time, return. Chunky said: "Set my iphone alarm for 4.25 Sunday morning but failed to go off, so I was late for work. Set my alarm for the same time monday morning the alarm did actually go off but @ 3.25.". Lee j had the same problem. "My alarm didn't go off this morning :( went off an hour early, so woke up and set again and didn't go off..," he said. However, Rosie Posie and our own editor Matt Egan had no problems with their handsets.

2. Windows Phone 7 owners furious over slow updates

It seems Windows Phone 7 users aren't happy bunnies either, after Microsoft revealed updates to Windows 7 would be rolled-out slowly. More than 130 comments were added to a Microsoft blog post, with Windows Phone 7 owners mostly ranting and raving about a schedule that showed no US users were yet receiving either February's or this month's updates. One of our readers, ken, said "I gave up waiting for the update. Will not trust MS anymore. After contract expire, will move on to other phone. :-(". Meanwhile, daedalus didn't seem too bothered about the update. "Okay the updates have been delayed resulting from Samsung messing something up, but copy and paste... has anyone actually had a situation where they really need it. I've had mine since early January and I can honestly say I haven't missed it," he said.

3. Windows Phone 'to overtake iPhone by 2015'

Sticking with mobile phones, not everyone was impressed with IDC's predictions that Windows Phone will surge ahead to become the number-two smartphone operating system by 2015 behind Google Android. The forecast would ultimately push Apple's iPhone down to third position, followed by BlackBerry in fourth in 2015, the market research firm said. BEJ said "It's as likely that Windows will sink Nokia as it is that Nokia will float Windows to anyplace near the iPhone - much more likely in my view".

4. Microsoft: IE9 is most battery-friendly browser

Microsoft's claims that Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the most power-efficient browser on the planet, also attracted a lot of attention. It seems that when Microsoft ran five of the biggest browsers Microsoft ran the five biggest browsers through six power consumption scenarios, the tech giant's own software came out top. Cliff pointed out that XP users are excluded from the browser, while LaurieP called the claims "a load of rubbish".

5. TalkTalk opens up social networking to animals

Finally, there's clearly no flies on our readers, as our attempt at an April Fool didn't manage to trick readers. We actually think TalkTalk's idea to give millions of British dogs the chance to get-in on the trend for social networking through its new WoofWoof service that translates barks, growls and other sounds from dogs into Facebook status updates, is actually kind of cool. Mark from ISPReview.co.uk was the first to spot our prank while Grrrrrrrrrrr wondered whether scratch and sniff would be included in the technology.

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