There's been plenty of tech stories to hold our interest this week. Whether it's the news that Fujitsu plans to roll-out a fibre network to rival the offering from BT with speeds of up to 1Gbps to the fact Spotify has slashed the amount of hours per month users of its free service can stream music for, our readers have certainly been getting fired up.

Here's the five stories from PC Advisor this week that generated the most comments from our readers.

Microsoft brings Streetside to the UK

Microsoft's announcement that it is bringing StreetSide - its rival to Google's Street View service, which offers web users the chance to see street-level photographs of a number of cities across the world when they search for a location to the UK and across Europe, also got a number of reader fired up.

Azbola said: "What is the point? Google have already done it so why bother doing it all again???", while Jeronimo said "Cool, I'll clean my car before they come around this time.....". Meanwhile Dontharvestmyinfo highlighted the service is "only for people in London and will take until June 2011 to have London done".
"People outside London don't count and there don't seem any plans to include them. So this is irrelevant for ~ 80% of the UK population," he added.

Fujitsu to lay rival fibre optic network in rural Britain

Our readers only seemed to have praise for the fact that Fujitsu has joined forces with Cisco and UK ISPs Virgin Media and TalkTalk in a bid to bring superfast broadband to rural areas of the UK. The fibre network, which could offer speeds of up to 1Gbps for both upload and download, certainly impressed Lloyd. "Wow! That's fast. About time someone shakes up the lethagic BT and offers something better than the awful broadband my family has to suffer," he said. Meanwhile, Sirjohng wondered whether it would appear in rural Bedfordshire.

Spotify slashes free listening time

The week then took a turn for the worse when Spotify announced it is to halve the amount of time users of its free service can listen to tracks for.

From the beginning of May, users of the Spotify Open or Free service will get just 10 hours of listening time per month, instead of the current 20 hours. The streaming service says this is equivalent to around 200 tracks or 20 albums. Furthermore, web users that signed up on or before November 1, 2010 will be able to play any one track a total of just five times. After this, they will need to purchase the track or sign up to one of Spotify's subscription-based services, which are priced from £4.99 per month.
"It sucks and will only get people back 2 pirating, simple as that," said Yoohoo while Patrick Millais said "Only allowed to listen to the same track five times is a bit disappointing and seems unnecessary in my view - you're not taking any more bandwidth from their servers as the music file is saved in the cache of your computer."

Intel's Ivy Bridge chips to get DirectX 11, PCIe 3.0

Intel this week talked about some features in its upcoming Core chips based on Ivy Bridge chip architecture, which will bring improved graphics and application performance to PCs. PCs featuring the chips are expected to be made available next year, but DoctorDj wasn't very impressed with this.
"I'm looking to buy a new 13'' Sandy Bridge laptop which is SUPPOSED to be the latest and greatest. Now Intel gets ahead of me and is already announcing 'Ivy Bridge' which is already understood to be better then Sandy Bridge. Is it their goal to stoke buyer's remorse? When am I gonna get a new laptop?"

Unlocker 1.9.1 (64-bit)

One of our readers was very taken to a new addition to the Dowlods section of the site. Unlocker 1.9.1 is a free utility that adds a new entry to the context menu that appears when you right click a file or folder, and this will reveal which of Windows' process are currently use the item you are trying to edit. You then have the option of terminating the process in question or using the Unlock option to try to free up the file or folder automatically.

"Most useful small freeware ever. I love kicking Windows ass and delete what I want, when I want," said Guest.