It's been a busy week in tech, from rumours about Samsung preparing to buy WebOS and Amazon launching an Android tablet to Google's annoucement that its internet TV service will hit the UK in the next six month. Here's the five most commented stories from PC Advisor in the past seven days.

Samsung to buy webOS, recruits HP exec

The web was awash with rumours this week that Samsung plans to buy webOS. But why would Samsung be interested in HP's webOS mobile operating system for tablets and smartphones?, I hear you cry. Because the South Korean electronics giant is under pressure both from damaging legal cases involving its current Android-based tablets and smartphones, and from its own government.
However, Rich Allen believe it will never happen.
"Samsung has become hugely successful selling Android phones, Why would they stop that and choose and OS that has failed twice with other companies," he said.
But ace9988 disagrees and says it's a wise move "because it's an operating system with a lot of potential that doesn't have a market place (called an investment)."
Miles Nassah also thinks it's "potentially good idea".
"Samsung is pretty well respected for their hardware, software, design and market reach. This move away from Google-controlled Android (despite it being open source), and into a free and clear OS (WebOS) may actually give Sammy a clear path to establish its own vertical market," he said.

Google TV coming to the UK

Google announced its internet TV service that puts Android on your TV is to launch in the UK within six months. Google TV lets viewers switch between TV broadcasts and the internet on the same set, allowing users to watch iPlayer, for instance, or a high definition version of YouTube. The service is accessed via a set-top box or adapted telly, and also allows you to search the web from your TV, and use smartphones and tablets as your TV remote. Google TV users can use Android apps on their gogglebox, too.
However, Carl Barron, doesn't think the service will take off in Britain.
"As only a very few ISPs allow no capping on downloads this isn't really going anywhere. I already use USB DVBT which gives all I want to watch without a Data Cap problem, also record one channel while watching another."

No new HP TouchPads for UK

HP revealed this week that while it may be manufacturing another batch of its discontinued tablet PC, the TouchPad, the devices won't be shipped to the UK.
Duncan revealed he was baffled as to why anyone would buy a TouchPad as they are obsolete even before they are bought.
"A discounted price is no reason to buy one, its a bit like buying a car that has a cheap forecourt price but the fuel is runs on has been discontinued. No more development for the device apart from hacks by propellor heads so what value does it have? None," he said.
However, editor Matt Egan offered up a different point of view.
"The fuel that runs this car hasn't been discontinued, and nor will it be. It's just that you'll struggle to get a mechanic to fix it, accessories with which to customise it, or spare parts," he said.

RealNetworks crushes Dutch webmaster for hyperlink

RealNetworks sued the owner of a website in The Netherlands this week for displaying a hyperlink to a competing freeware package. As the company seeks compensation for its claimed losses, the 26-year-old man is borrowing money from family to survive.
Crash described the debacles as "like Yahoo suing someone for linking to Wordpress instead of their Geocities site" while Mike Cane said: "RealNetworks can go to hell. I'm deleting their software and permanently boycotting them".

Amazon Tablet rumour round-up

Rumours that Amazon plans to join the likes of Samsung and Motorola, by launching a tablet PC to rival the popularity of Apple's iPad have been gaining momentum since the start of the year. In fact, it appears so likely that Amazon will launch its own rival to Apple's tablet PC, that Forrester Research even recently published a report predicting that if the Amazon tablet is launched before the end of Q4, it could easily sell three million to five million units, outselling all iPad competitors.
Mark Walsh revealed it will be very interesting to see if the Amazon tablet can rival the iPad."I am sure there will be vast TV advertising which will help sales rocket. Look forward to seeing what cool name they come up with for the device too," said.
Meanwhile Jeff disagreed with Forrester's prediction that $299 is the magic price for a tablet (in the US anyway)."I think the real magic price for a tablet is $199 for the entry model and up to $299 for a model with more memory. I don't think the $299 price range is going to get nearly as many buyers," he said.