Hoax Twitter profiles are very common. From the Dalai Lama and rapper Kayne West to the White House, there have been some excellent Phweeters (phony tweeters). We've sifted through hundreds of profiles to bring you the 15 best fake Twitter accounts. Follow (the genuine) PC Advisor tweet at Twitter.com/PCAdvisor.

Micro-blogging service Twitter has become the social-networking site of the year, so much so in fact that a number of celebrities have jumped on the band wagon and created Twitter profiles.

From Barack Obama, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus to Stephen Fry, Lilly Allen and even Jonathon Ross and his partner in crime Russell Brand, celebrities are 'tweeting' away. Even PC Advisor's joined the masses - follow us at www.twitter.com/PCAdvisor

But for every real celebrity on Twitter, there are a number of hoax profiles, set up by web users to fool you into thinking you're following your idol. Rock legend David Bowie recently revealed on his official website that he does not use the micro-blogging service, despite there being a David Bowie profile on Twitter.

Other hoaxes that have fooled hundreds of Twitter users include the Dalai Lama, rapper Kayne West and even a White House Twitter account, which had been updated during the Bush years and then switched to Obama right after the inauguration.

Phony tweets are a terrific way to get across a laugh, but to be really great, a Phweeter (phony tweeter) has to stick with it. Unfortunately many Phweeters don't. Some fakers who started hot but then drifted away include osamabinladen, hasselhoff, and davidletterman.

After sifting through piles of bad, mediocre, and just plain unfunny impostors, we've come up with the 15 best fake Twitter profiles that pay homage to or parodies the famous - no security breaches here.


Name: Stewie

Who he is: Stewie Griffin, the homicidal talking baby from the Family Guy cartoon TV series created by Seth MacFarlane.

Why he's worth following: Several Stewie Griffins are out there, but this one is my Favourite. The author has Stewie's violent and authoritarian tendencies down pat.

How often he tweets: Stewie has only tweeted three times this year and has 12 tweets overall, but we're hoping he'll stick around and start tweeting more often.

Favourite tweet: "Oh sure I've spent my entire life trying to kill my mother, but who hasn't?"

Chuck Norris

Name: ChuckNorris

Who he is: Action film star and all around ass-kicker.

Why he's worth following: Chuck Norris facts have become a phenomenon in recent years, and the author has a great sense for creating new sayings as well as reusing some old ones.

How often he tweets: About three or four times a month when tweeting, but takes big breaks in between tweeting activity.
Favourite tweet: "Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there."

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