Inexplicably popular, ancient Radio 4 snorefest The Archers is about to be made available as a daily podcast. Listeners will be able to download full episodes of the BBC's radio soap opera to their MP3 players, immediately after they broadcast, from this Sunday.

As a consequence, the Beeb now has more than 120 titles in its podcast service, and Radio 4 is at the forefront of the digital revolution. (I've just noticed that you can podcast the News Quiz. I'm so happy.)

Actually, this is more of a good press release than a story, because a quick check reveals that you can listen to the Archers online now - complete with dread-inducting theme tune (even today it reminds me of being bored during the school holidays). So the only new thing is that Archers fans will now be able to download episodes and listen to the ludicrous storylines on their iPods.

(I suppose if you were desperate to do so now you could always use Audacity or something to capture the 'Listen again' stream, and create an MP3. But going to that trouble to listen to the Archers on the Tube may be the very definition of desperation.)

Here's an interesting nugget - more than a million people listen to Archers episodes online. That's one in every sixty people on this island. If they all start listening on their iPods, there's a very good chance that the next time someone pollutes you with their earphone noise, it'll be the mooing of a cow or a gay marriage or something. Which is an improvement on Snoopy Doggy Woof Woof, I suppose.