Is social networking just a buzzword? Maybe, but it offers a great opportunity (and potential liability) to an organisation. Here's an A-to-Z list of professional and personal social-networking sites to help you network your way around the world.

A: Advogato

Free community dedicated to open-source software development.

B: Blogger

Popular blogging website owned by Google


Helps members keep in touch with classmates from school, college and military service.


A website dedicated to managing bookmarks through storing, sharing and discovering.

E: Ecademy

Online networking for business, offline networking events and global networking groups.

F: Facebook

Site once limited to connecting only college students has expanded to include the general public.

G: GuildCafe

Community for computer and video game players funded by IDG Ventures.

H: Hi5

Personal global social-networking site that focuses on membership of young people.


Instant-messaging software using customised 3D avatars.

J: Jobster

Social networking intersected with job searching.

K: Kwout

A way to quote a part of a webpage as an image with an image map.

L: LinkedIn

Site dedicated to strengthening your business contacts and professional network.

M: MySpace

Originally focused on musicians, this general social-networking site has mass appeal.

N: Nexopia

Formerly known as Facebox, this Belgian site is popular among young Europeans.

O: Orkut

Known for its easy-to-create discussion forums, this is one of the most popular sites in Brazil and is owned by Google.

P: Plaxo

Online platform that allows auto updates of business address book information.

Q: Quotiki

A social quotes site that lets you quickly find and enjoy quotes.

R: Ryze

Site designed to connect entrepreneurs and other business professionals.

S: Second Life

A 3D virtual world where users can use voice and text chat to socialise, connect and create.

T: Twitter

Micro-blogging service focused on connecting friends, family and co-workers.

U: Utterz

Allows users to update their blog via short-message service (SMS) and multimedia message service (MMS).

V: Vox

Blog platform built with extensive permission settings.

W: Windows Live Spaces

Also known as MSN Spaces, this is Microsoft's social-networking platform.

X: Xing

Formerly known as Open/BC or Open Business Club, this site displays how each member is connected together, creating an "it's a small world" network for professionals.

Y: Yahoo 360

Yahoo's social-networking platform.

Z: Ziggs

Allows users to professionally market themselves online.