While Mozilla claims that Firefox 3 is the fastest and most secure version of the browser, there is another reason to look at using it – the number of business-friendly add-ons available.

We've picked out five of the best add-ons that will not only help the overall interface of the browser but also help you surf the web more efficiently.

LinkedIn Companion for Firefox 3.1.1

So far, a prominent way to connect with colleagues and friends in the professional world is through LinkedIn, the online social network for business contacts. The LinkedIn Companion is an add-on that allows you to utilise your connections on LinkedIn in other applications (such as Gmail and Yahoo mail) without having to keep LinkedIn open as a tab on your web browser.

For instance, if you open an email in Gmail from your friend John, a small blue and white logo (LinkedIn's colours) that says 'info' will appear next to that person's name. If you scroll your mouse over it, you will have a link that can take you to that person's LinkedIn profile. It will also show you how many connections you share in your geographical area, based on the information LinkedIn members provide.

Google Preview

When you forget to bookmark a page, you probably turn to Google and search for it. But when you get to the results page, sometimes it's hard to remember which one you clicked on (sometimes the browser will change the colour of the link, but not always).

With Google Preview, you can see a small version of the web page that the link will lead you to, which should help jar your memory and avoid the need to click on several results to see which one you picked last time.


Twitter, a social networking service that asks users 'What are you doing?' in 140 characters or less, is a good way to keep track of colleagues, friends, and even customers. While some updates people make centre around the mundane (Going to the shops), some can be quite interesting (Considering making x type of product. What do you think?)

With TwitterFox, you can let this information feed to your browser without it being too disruptive.

After installation, a small 'T' resides in the corner. When a number appears next to it (eg 1), you know some of your friends have posted a 'tweet' (a message on Twitter). The number increases as more unread messages compile. You can click on the box when you want to see what they've written. There is also an option to let their messages pop up for a few seconds in the corner above the T.

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