We've picked out the 11 best cross-platform apps based on Adobe AIR technology that will help you streamline your YouTube experience, track client time accurately, stitch photos into one panoramic shot, and much more.

Adobe AIR is software that lets developers create apps for a number of different platforms. So, it no longer matters whether you're using a Mac, a Windows PC, a Linux machine, or a mobile device - an Adobe AIR app will work with them all.

But, despite AIR's impressive ability to blur the line between your desktop and the web, AIR apps are by no means web-only. In fact, some of them have nothing to do with the web at all.

We've put together a list of the 11 coolest Adobe AIR apps around, an elite collection made all the more admirable by the apps' price, which is free.

To get started using any AIR application, simply download and install AIR from Adobe. Once you've done that, downloading and opening an AIR app on your desktop will trigger the standard AIR installer - think of these files as traditional .msi or .exe setup applications, except that AIR handles the installation.

DeskTube: desktop YouTube app

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet anyway, but DeskTube brings the fun of browsing YouTube directly to your desktop.

Although DeskTube offers little more functionality than you'd get from YouTube by default, much of the app's appeal lies in what it doesn't include - like flashing advertisements and inane comments.

Aside from scrubbing off a lot of YouTube's dross, DeskTube provides Twitter integration, upload tools, and more.

DestroyFlickr: Supercharge your Flickr experience

DestroyFlickr provides a slick, attractive interface for browsing and searching the popular photo-sharing web site Flickr. DestroyFlickr is a bold name, but the functionality and feel of this impressive application live up to the hype.

Rather than trying to mimic Flickr on your desktop, DestroyFlickr makes the image look as good as it can, removing it from the bright glare of the Flickr homepage and parking it in front of a muted, dark gray background.

With nice animations, attractive design, and integrated tools for editing your Flickr photos from your desktop, DestroyFlickr supercharges the Flickr experience.

CleVR Stitcher: sew photos together

The bad news: few of us can afford a camera capable of pulling off beautiful wide-angle shots that capture awe-inspiring landscapes. The good news: with CleVR Stitcher on your side, you can join any number of pictures together to create the majestic panorama you're looking for.

To use CleVR to create a single panoramic photo, first snap several pictures of the scene with a little overlap between each picture. Then load the pictures onto your computer, fire up CleVR, and use the app's simple stitching tool to assemble your masterpiece.

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