Do you really need to know about your friends' bowel movements? Or what sandal they'd be? It was a tough competition, but we've rounded up the 10 worst Facebook apps.

When it comes to Facebook, there's plenty of apps that are fun and help you get more out of the social networking site. Then there are those that really have no point. Loads of them. After all do you really need to know about your friends' bowel movements? Or what sandal they'd be?

With tens of thousands of Facebook applications to choose from, you'll want to make sure you're not wasting your time downloading a dud. So we've rounded up a list of the 10 most useless Facebook apps that you'll want to avoid.

Facebook wall rubbish

Pieces of Flair, Bumper Stickers and Super Wall are all one of a kind, Facebook applications that the creators say are meant to promote self-expression via splashy graphics, videos, and interactive gifts.

In reality, these pesky pieces of junk inundate your home page with images of snowballs, green mugs of beer, crass quotes, and what are called LOL cats sent from your flair-loving friends. Once the less-discerning among your Facebook acquaintances start using these, you may find dozens of colourful hairballs, so to speak, littering your profile.

Pirates vs Ninjas

There are some great games on Facebook - Scrabble comes to mind. Then there's Pirates vs Ninjas, a never-ending game where, in order to succeed and become a stronger character, you must virtually lasso (via Facebook invites) more of your friends to join the game.

That's what makes this game so insidious: the more friends you get to sign up, the more you advance in the game. This recruitment requirement will turn any successful Pirate or Ninja into a Facebook spammer.

Spamming friends for make-believe pirate swag? 'Arg, I think not, me hearties!'.

Whopper Sacrifice

Before the Facebook app Whopper Sacrifice was shut down in January 2009 for 'creative differences' between Burger King and Facebook, the app pushed the boundaries of good manners, if not good taste.

Whopper Sacrifice asked participants to delete Facebook friends in exchange for free burgers from Burger King. A whopping 233,906 complied - and looked like idiots in the process. Whopper Sacrifice earns a Facebook raspberry for its contradictory nature: Facebook is supposed to connect people, not separate them.

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