There's just something about Apple's TV adverts that has appealed to comedians and satirists to create spoofs of them. We've rounded up the 10 best that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

The web is awash with hundreds of parodies of Apple TV adverts. From the most recent manila envelope ad for the MacBook Air to the iconic iPod advert featuring colourful silhouettes of dancers, they've all been the target of many take-offs and spoofs.

And while some are, frankly, rubbish, many really are funny. We've rounded up our 10 favourite spoof ads that are guaranteed to get you chortling. And remember, Apple shouldn't be too miffed at the fun that gets poked at them, after all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Apple's 'Switch' campaign: crash different

In 2002, Apple launched its 'Switch' ad campaign, in which a person against a white backdrop talked about how easy it was to change from a Windows machine to a Mac. A major part of each ad featured the former Windows user bemoaning their PC's limits and flaws.

Hunter Crestle didn't buy the ad's premise, because he knew that using a Mac can be just as frustrating. In this three and a half minute spoof, Crestle rants and raves about his Mac, complaining about system lockups, interface confusion, and update hassles.

Interspersed are shots of him drop-kicking an iMac and otherwise violating Apple hardware.

Microsoft's ZunePhone: a rotary-dial iPhone knockoff

We've all heard the old joke: "If Microsoft built cars..." But what if the company made an iPhone knockoff?

In this parody of the Apple iPhone ad campaign 'This is How', this fake ad shows Bill Gates's finger taking us on a tour of the fictitious Microsoft ZunePhone.

We learn how ZunePhone users make a call (using a digital rotary dial), how the ZunePhone's camera works (think Polaroid), and how often the ZunePhone will be delayed.

Hello, I'm a 'Get a Mac' parody ad

The current 'Get a Mac' advertising campaign, with actors David Mitchell and Robert Webb, just might be the most parody-inducing advertisement Apple has ever created. In most cases, though, the actual ads are a lot funnier than the parodies.

For my money the most innovative imitation comes from Novell, which launched this pro-Linux ad ad in March 2007. The ad features both a Mac and a PC claiming to be the best.

Halfway through, a woman who represents Linux introduces herself, much to the chagrin of both 'number one' operating systems.

Who knew Linux was female?

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