Google's big market-dominating gorilla YouTube isn't the only place online to upload and share home movies and video funnies. Several video-sharing rivals offer better quality than YouTube does, and many will even share ad revenue with you. Here's PC Advisor's top 10 video-sharing websites.

YouTube, now owned by Google, may still be the daddy of video-sharing sites, but an impressive number of rivals are nipping at its heels - some merely clones, others offering unique twists.

We whittled down an initial list of 50 contending services to 17 top-flight sites we tested to determine the single best place to share your videos online.'s video quality and functionality made it our overall winner, but each free service has strengths in areas that others may not.

In addition, we list the top 10 sites in our Top 10 Video Sharing Sites chart:

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Video-quality matchup

Video sharing 1

Taking cues from Jumpcut Aftermix from Brightcove and Remixer tools from YouTube let you edit video online

Video quality and embedded player design remain the major points of comparison. For our rankings, we also took into account policies on shared advertising revenue, potential audience size, the entire upload experience, and the design of each embedded player, including the intrusiveness of any advertising, watermarks and other non-video elements.

In addition, we considered social-networking options, the ability to make videos private, and other attributes.

How we tested

Each site that we tested - those in our top 10, plus AOL Uncut Video Beta, Crackle (previously Grouper), Dailymotion, Facebook, Google Video, Metacafe and Yahoo Video - will let you upload a variety of video types, but the only format supported across the board is QuickTime. Most sites don't limit video length or the number of videos you can upload, but many restrict file sizes to 100MB. Consequently, we used the same 1-minute-long, 95.5MB QuickTime (MPEG-4) test file with Apple Lossless stereo audio to test each site.

To gauge video quality and audio, we incorporated shots from past Test Centre footage from the Panasonic PV-GS320, an excellent MiniDV Camcorder, in our 720-by-480-resolution video.

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