If you thought Facebook was just about leaving messages for your friends, posting up pictures of your latest holiday and doing silly quizzes, then think again.

We've put together ten tips to help you tweak your profile and get more out of the social network. These tips go beyond the typical and include ways to stay better connected to your friends and look good doing it. To compile this list I searched high and low and even called on Facebook for the best tips. Most are easy to do and all will add some pizzazz to your profile.

Dig up demographic dirt on your friends with Socialistics

If you want to know the demographic breakdown on your Facebook universe of friends, this application does a nice job at breaking it down. Socialistics can show you information about your friends' ages, the languages they speak, their country of origin, and lots of other interesting information all within Facebook.

Socialistics data does not show up on your profile pages and you are not able to share Socialistics information with your Facebook Friends through your wall. However, if you want to take a look at the trends for your personal network, then add Socialistics to your profile and you can access it privately.

Power search tips

Just like Google and other search engines, Facebook has some built-in power search tools and terms to help you find people. Want to search your Facebook network or friends list, but you want to narrow the results to fall within an age range? Just enter a term using the 'name', 'y1' and 'y2' search filters. For example, say I wanted to find my a friend from school, but can't remember how old he is. To find him I just entered in his name into the name field and then 25 in y1 and 40 in y2 (indicating he's between 25 and 40) and voila! The search string asked Facebook to look for people named Colin Bauer between the ages of 25 and 40.

You can also use two search terms at once by dividing the terms with the 'pipe character' (|) (the pipe is found on the same key as the backslash).

If you want people to easily find you when they search, fill out your profile as much as you can. That way your profile interests - music, books, movies and so on - will move you closer to the top of Facebook search results for those keywords. Check out Facebook's help page for more handy search terms.

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