Those pesky kids have been at it again - using technology and lingo old folks don't understand to have a good time. Naked, probably. In this case, finding outdoor swimming pools on Google Earth, and then arranging parties (sans permission) via Facebook or Bebo. Naughty.

Obviously the 'craze' (copyright Daily Mail/Telegraph/Times) has to have a name. A scary, youthspeak, sounds funny on Radio 4 name. In this case: "dipping". DIPPING? it's hardly 'tombstoning', 'chasing the dragon' or 'tooting on a crackpipe', is it? What's happening to teenagers today?

This: after scoping out a likely looking swimming pool in an unsuspecting punter's back yard, naughty youngsters use social-networking sites to arrange to meet for impromptu swims.

Particularly organised groups meet in fancy dress and bring bikes to avoid detection and affect a quick getaway. (Is it just me or is it nice to see teenagers being so organised and, well, awake?)

But this is not a victimless crime: confused chaps and chapesses have woken to find lairy teens using their pools in the dead of night. Others have found post-party detritus in their pool environs. Beer cans have been spotted. Something must be done. Inspector Knacker?

A police spokesperson said: "We are advising owners of swimming pools to be on their guard and extra vigilant. We would also warn prospective swimmers that using someone else’s pool is trespassing and therefore illegal."

And no bombing, running or heavy petting, you hear?

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