The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) has suspended two of Britain's top young tennis stars after they posted images on Bebo that suggested their lifestyles are, well, less white than their tennis whites.

Top tiny tennis stars David Rice and Naomi Broady have been deemed to have breached their contracts and had their funding withdrawn, after the LTA's attention was drawn to the players' 'confessions' on the Bebo social-networking website.

Now this may be an outmoded prejudice, but I love the idea of the blazered old farts checking out Bebo. Just imagine the red-faced spluttering, agitated whisker tugging and restorative gins consumed as the English tennis world's top brass were exposed to something even more shocking than the Sharapova grunt.

So what was so shocking? Well, one player was shown surrounded by empty pizza boxes. That's right, I said PIZZA BOXES. There was also the suggestion that some of the junior tennis players enjoy a drink or two.

The players left their pages unlocked, which was something of a PR disaster. They're now locked, but you can see why the players were confident their bosses wouldn't see them. I suspect that Bebo isn't a major draw for tennis administrators.

Still, it's an interesting slant on a regular problem. Anyone with teenage kids knows that visiting them in their bedroom or, God forbid, reading their diary is considered beyond the pale. But most kids don't think twice about posting potentially career-threatening information on the net.

LTA chief Roger Draper told Radio Five Live: "The people they're letting down the most is themselves. They've either got to behave like professional athletes or go and do something else. It's about taking responsibility, being accountable and sorting their lives out.

"What disappoints me more than anything else is while these people are saying they want to be professional tennis players and want all the trappings that come with that, they aren't behaving in that way.

"We've got to deal with it behind closed doors and there's a big education job to be done with these players. I don't think sometimes they realise the opportunities they've been given."