Technology and gadgets aren't just for work. They can actually help you fix some common households problems, such as your extortionate energy bill or enabling you to enjoy your music without bugging the neighbours.

Here are a few household hacks to help you organise your life.

Control your house remotely

We're one step closer to the completely automated future. You can now control a number of household appliances with your mobile phone.

Turn off everything with Picowatt
A smart-plug designed by Tenrehte, Picowatt is meant to help users control their energy consumption - it's basically a mini Wi-Fi router that runs Linux.

You simply plug Picowatt into an electrical outlet and plug your device into the Picowatt plug. Using a web browser, you can then monitor the amount of energy that particular appliance is using, as well as turn it on or off remotely. However, it's currently only available in the US.

Unlock your door with Kwikset SmartCode
If you hate fumbling with your keys at the door - or if you have a child or significant other who routinely gets locked out - Kwikset's SmartCode deadbolt lock can help. The deadbolt features 128bit encryption security, and you can open it with a key, a code, or wirelessly from an internet-connected device.

You can also check the status of the lock from your phone, as well as receive text or email notifications when the lock is accessed.

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