UK ISP TalkTalk has joined forces with Citizens Online in a bid to honour Brits that use technology to benefit their community.

The TalkTalk Digital Heroes 2011 awards, which are supported by RaceOnline 2012 – the government's initiative to give the 9.2 million Brits that are currently offline, net access before the end of the current parliament - reward twelve individuals from across the country with a £5,000 prize designed to enhance their digital project. Furthermore, one winner will go on to be crowned the overall winner and receive £10,000.

The judging panel includes TalkTalk chairman Charles Dunstone along with the UK's Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox.

"There are a great many people across the country bringing about positive social change through digital technologies. Not only do they often struggle with funding, but all too frequently they go unrecognised - Digital Heroes aims to address both of those issues," said Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk.

Web users interested in entering the comptition should head to TalkTalk's dedicated web page and apply before September 11.