UK ISP TalkTalk is giving millions of British dogs the chance to get-in on the trend for social networking with the launch of a new service.

UPDATED: As many of our eagle-eyed readers spotted, this is in fact an April Fool. We couldn't resist pulling a prank on April 1.

WoofWoof , which is currently in Beta, uses revolutionary 'pet-to-pet' (P2P) technology to translate barks and growls from your furry friend into status updates that are displayed in English.

The technology was designed by British Animal Research Kennels (BARK) and uses audio and analytical tools, known as Donglish technology, to translate dogs' audible signals. Web users must first download WoofWoof software onto their PC.

TalkTalk's software means you furry friend can now join in on Facebook

TalkTalk says 14 percent of dog owners who use social media websites have set up accounts for their faithful companions, which means there are an estimated 439,000 dogs on Facebook in the UK. The typical dog on Facebook has 83 friends, rapidly catching up on the average human user, who has 130 friends.

Mark Schmid from TalkTalk said: "Canine social networking is a big market and it's growing rapidly. There are nearly half a million dog profiles on sites like Facebook. Currently they rely on their human owners to provide their status updates , but we wanted to give dogs a better social networking experience by letting them share their own thoughts and feelings directly."

"In other words, we want to help dogs across the nation communicate better with their pedigree chums."

TalkTalk said WoofWoof will initially only work with Facebook but is planning apps to ensure the service will work with Twitter and LinkedIn. The ISP also hopes to add support for other languages including Welsh, French, Spanish and Polish, in the coming months.

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