As a meander down any high street will tell you, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. And what could be more romantic than a sexy late-night phone call to the one you love but can’t be with? Such is the thinking of broadband telephony company Mobiboo, which aims to entice those who like to chat with its for-one-day-only offer of free calls to anyone, anywhere in the world, mobiles included, next Wednesday.

Clearly, Mobiboo hopes to capitalise on the already overexploited St Valentine’s special day, getting punters to sign up for its £40 a year Home Buffet web-based phone service in order to enjoy a day of free calls. But if you do the maths and have a burning urge to call your mates in Australia, Japan, some obscure island that you’d normally be charged a fortune to ring… well, it may just be worth it.

In fact, it may be anything but romantic, but come 14 February, I think I’ll be calling up all my old mates for whom I only have mobile numbers and have a long overdue natter.