T-Mobile has launched a range of off-the-shelf, extremely short-term mobile broadband contracts that allow customers to sign up for as little as one day.

T-Mobile is offering three price packages: £2 for 1 day, £10 for 7 days and £20 for 30 days.

In a statement, T-Mobile said that Mobile Broadband 1 Day, the £2-a-day service, is "ideal for customers who occasionally want access to the internet when they're out and about, either visiting friends or taking advantage of the occasional day of sunshine we get by logging on in the park". T-Mobile cited a recent survey it conducted that found 44 percent of British respondents "think we should have access to the internet anywhere in the UK".

T-Mobile claimed the 30-day contract, Mobile Broadband 30 Day, is for customers who use mobile broadband regularly but do not want to commit to a year-long contract. Mobile Broadband offers unlimited broadband access for 30 days for £20.

Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment at T-Mobile UK, said: "We've seen massive demand for mobile broadband from a range of people, so we're creating ways for customers to only pay for days they actually need. We have removed all complexity from the mobile broadband story, giving customers the confidence to simply pick it up off the shelf and start using it. Mobile broadband has hit the mainstream and we have made it simple for anyone to buy, use and understand.

"T-Mobile intends to make it as easy as possible for new customers to join the mobile broadband craze that is sweeping the country. To help with this, we will soon be stocking our range of packages in a variety of new outlets such as supermarkets and popular high-street stores."

To access T-Mobile pre-pay mobile broadband, customers need to purchase a Mobile Broadband USB Stick 110 for £50 and plug it into a laptop. Credit can be topped up direct from the laptop and customers are able to select whichever package suits them at the time.