Symantec has unveiled a website designed to offer the public advice on how to stay safe when surfing the web.

The Stay Safe Online website features a number of square icons that can be flipped over to reveal advice that deal with everything from ensuring personal data isn't stolen from your utility bills and preventing credit card fraud to securing Wi-Fi networks and even what to do if you lose a USB key.

Caroline Cockerill, Norton Internet Safety Advocate at Symantec said: "Online data security is an issue that is taken lightly by so many internet users - that is until your computer gets a virus or your credit card details get stolen".

"Losing treasured photos and documents etc can cause all kinds of headaches, that's why Symantec puts so much energy into educating users about how to keep your information safe online."

Cockerill said the advice on the website would help web users avoid the hassle and upset of losing information by showing them how simple procedures such as privacy settings, up-to-date security software and card protection can really make a difference.

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