Social-networking site Spymac has paid out its first monthly jackpot of $50,000 to users who uploaded creative content to the site.

The site shares the revenue it brings in from advertisers with those uploading self-produced content. The amount paid out is based upon the popularity and creativity of each uploaded clip - with user ratings, click rates and links all contributing to users’ takings.

The new version of the social-networking site, called Spymac Leapfrog, was launched in January and allows users to meet new people while sharing and viewing content online.

Leapfrog is Spymac’s “vision of how the internet’s content should be viewed and explored” and will have “daily and monthly jackpots to share its ad revenue with its top contributors”.

During the first month after the launch, one German Spymac member earned $5,000 for his ‘funny images’ and videos. Last month the site paid out a total of nearly $68,000 to its users and has given over $100,000 to its members since it launched.

Holger Ehlis, chief executive at Spymac said: “While YouTube announced it was thinking of a way for members to revenue-share, Spymac is already paying out cheques to its users.”