Music streaming service Spotify has removed the restrictions on listening time for its new users to its free service.

In May this year, the Swedish music streaming service revealed it was limiting the listening time of new members to its Spotify Open or Free service, which lets users stream music over the web for no charge although tracks are peppered with adverts just like commercial radio, to 20 hours per month for the first six months.

However, Spotify has now removed the limit that covers listening time during the first six months.

"We're removing time limits for all new users. It seems only right to give you more time to discover more music," said Spotify's Andres Sehr in a blog.

"So, from today, there'll be no more Spotify Open. Everybody who listens to Spotify for free will simply have a Spotify account. All Spotify accounts come with a six-month time-limit honeymoon! During this time, there's no limit to the amount of ad-supported music you can enjoy."

Sehr confirmed the existing limit of 10 hours streaming time per month and five plays of any individual track will remain in place once the six-month period has been reached. One users hit the five-play limit, they'll need to purchase the track or sign up to one of Spotify's subscription-based services, which are priced from £4.99 per month, to listen to it again